Powerful Timeline!

Powerful Timeline

The Timeline organizes and controls objects with animation tracks over time. Director Tools, like in other DCC software, uses keyframes to change various properties over time.

Auto Key Feature

Focus on animation and let DirectorTool add keyframes automatically.

Animate anything

Animate objects, materials, lights, cameras or whatever Unreal Engine has to offer.

Multi-timeline support

Work with different scene versions within single level.

Real-time preview

The Timeline allows you to preview your animations in the Unreal Engine viewports in real time!

Animation support

The DirectorTools offers non-destructive way of editing multiple Animation Sequences.
Use Timeline to trim, cut or sync your Motion Capture or any other Skeletal Mesh animations.

Drag and drop

Edit Animation

Material Animation

Use Director Tools to animate any Unreal Engine material.

Watch Video

Sequence Editor

Build non-destructive, linear stories out of multiple camera inputs!

Quick Export

Make videos or image sequences directly out of
the Unreal Engine editor without any scripting.

Watch Video

Video output

The fastest way to export FullHD at 60FPS video out of Unreal Engine.

Image sequences

Get more editing control with the highest quality. Use Image Sequences to export your frames at any resolution (HD, 2K, 4K or higher).

Resolutions presets

Export your project using the most common resolution presets.

Constant FPS output

No need to worry about performance drops. DirectorTool always renders out a smooth output with constant FPS.

Time range

With a customizable Time Range, export is exactly what you need. No need to render the entire sequence every single time.

Render passes

Advanced users can also use export individual passes such as Custom Object Mask, World Normals, AO pass and more.

Project Packaging Support*

A new set of blueprint nodes at your displsal. Utilize Director Tools in your games!

Director Tools Blueprints

* Requires Visual Studio.

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